Creative Conscience Awards


When deciding on what visual route we were going to go my group decided, based on my characters design, that we would stick to a similar style to the one I used when creating my concept image for my story idea. However, for colouring we deciding to go with a style similar to that of Zing’s, as we thought her colour choices were nice, and hoped to create something very unique and eye-catching through the blend of my art style with Zing’s colouring.

With that decided Heva produced a storyboard of the beginning of the story in the style we decided on, to give us an idea of how it would look. At this point we decided to allocate roles to each group member to organise ourselves better. I was chosen to lead the team as a ‘Producer’, alongside doing main character lineart. Gin was chosen to do side character lineart, Zing to do colouring, and Heva to do sound and animation.

Blue’s design needed to be simple, easily read, and visually appealing. I decided to use circle as Blue’s main shape (hair and facial features). By keeping the design simple it made drawing Blue from all angles a lot easier and quicker, so sped up the sketching and lining phases.

I think Blue’s design works for the purpose of the graphic novel, as he isn’t a very feminine presenting character, having a rather short, simplistic hairstyle. I also think that since his design is simple it’s easier for the audience to visualise themselves in his shoes.

For our presentation we had to create an elevator pitch and proof of concept. Our proof of concept consisted of a few slightly animated frames and music that presented our story idea and how we planned to have it look (animated and with jazz music).